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Physiotherapy is aimed at assessing, rehabilitating and preventing human movement disorders.

Physiotherapists use a comprehensive combination of skilled evaluation and treatment techniques to manage pain and/or injuries to the muscular, skeletal and neural components of the body.

Treatment is aimed at restoring optimum function by reducing the pain and/or stiffness, and by educating the patient on his/her condition. Treatment techniques used include skilled hands on therapy, individualised exercise programmes, strapping, dry needling and very importantly, patient education.

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Physiotherapy sessions last approximately 45 minutes. You can expect to be asked several questions regarding your condition, before and during the physical assessment. For an accurate physical assessment to be performed the area in question needs to be exposed, shorts and gowns are provided for this purpose.

During and after treatment the physiotherapist may educate you on the various anatomical and biomechanical structures involved. By understanding the condition it is often easier to manage it! You will often be sent home with some helpful hints and exercises to help manage the condition after your treatment session.

Depending on your condition you may need to return for further treatment sessions, this will be discussed between you and your physiotherapist.