Tammy Hodgson Physiotherapy - Passionate Physiotherapist Center In Cape Town

Tamsin Hodgson Physiotherapy is an established practice situated in the centre of Cape Town. Since 2008 it has been the mission of all our Physiotherapists and staff to provide the best all round service possible for our clients. We look at our clients holistically, as a unit, and not just as a body part. We are extremely interested in rehabilitation and we strive to diagnose and treat the cause of the problem instead of just the symptoms. 

We work closely with other health practitioners to ensure that when needed, our clients receive an integrated team approach to restoring them back to normal function.

Love for exercise and the outdoors helps us to relate to our more athletic clientele and their injuries, whilst also instilling the need to teach these tools to others through the practice of Pilates and Gyrokinesis.

If you are looking for a Physiotherapist in Cape Town who can combine high level skills with compassion and integrity you need look no further.

Our main interests are

  • Sports injuries
  • Neck & Back pain
  • Headaches & Jaw pain
  • Joint & Muscle strains/sprains
  • Post-operative rehab
  • Dry Needling
  • Postural evaluation & correction
  • Kinesio tape/strapping
  • Spinal manipulation


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands on method of evaluating and enhancing the craniosacral system.


Pilates is an exercise method aimed at elongating, strengthening and restoring balance to the body.


Gyrokinesis® is a beautiful blend of principles taken from dance, yoga and tai chi.

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