Tamsin Hodgson obtained her BSc Physiotherapy degree at the University of Cape Town. As is compulsory for physiotherapists in South Africa, she completed her year of community service in the Knysna Provincial Hospital.

Tamsin returned to Cape Town and began her work in the private practice field of physiotherapy as this is where her true interests lie. While working, she continued studying part-time, completing her Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT1). OMT1 is internationally recognized and highly regarded by fellow physiotherapists. It not only teaches physiotherapists how to perform spinal manipulations, but also improves the quality of a physiotherapist’s evaluation and practical treatment techniques.

To compliment her practical treatment ability Tamsin completed a Pilates as well as a Gyrokinesis course, to better understand the movements of the human body. She is now a qualified Pilates and Gyrokinesis instructor for both individual and group mat classes.

Through years of practical experience and an exposure to a variety of courses, Tamsin has come to appreciate the intricate complexity of the connection between the mind and the body. It is for this reason that Tamsin believes a client needs to be treated as a whole unit and not just as a dysfunctional body part/s. While mainstream Physiotherapy is moving more towards this more holistic treatment approach, they do not always offer the tools to treat these complexities. It is for this reason that Tamsin has undertaken training in both the Cranio-Sacral therapy and Osteopathic techniques. These treatments are closely related to the functioning of the nervous system, in the spine and the gut, which can have a profound effect on one’s overall well being.