Individual Pilates/Gyrokinesis®

We advise all clients to attend a one-on-one session before joining the group classes. This is to teach you the basic principles of the exercise method as well as to identify any areas of specific need which can be addressed through group classes and/or a few home exercises.

If you have practiced Pilates/Gyrokinesis® in a Private studio in recent years then 1 individual session should suffice. If it is your first attempt at Pilates/ Gyrokinesis® you might require 2 to 3 individual sessions before progressing to the group classes.

Since the instructors are Physiotherapists, the individual sessions can be claimed back from your medical aid.

Group Classes

All classes are run by a qualified Physiotherapist and registered Pilates/Gyrokinesis instructors.
We take no more than 7 people per class to ensure quality teaching.

Class times – Pilates

Monday 5.30 – 6.30 pm
Tuesday 7 – 8 am
Wednesday 5.30 – 6.30 pm

Class times – Gyrokinesis®

Wednesday 7 – 8 am (suspended under lockdown)

Class times – Lower Limb Strength Classes

Thursday 7 – 8 am

Class times – Yoga

Friday 8 – 9 am

Should you be interested in joining a class but would prefer a time other than what is currently offered, please contact the office to make your request known. If we have four, or more, people who would be interested in a class at that time we would happily oblige by starting a new class.