Charlotte de Waal

I have been going to Tamsin for the last 12 years for Physiotherapy and more recently for Gyrokinesis and Pilates classes. The classes are brilliant and always fun. Tamsin has helped me achieve great results and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy the classes.

Claire Bourquin

I am one of those people – who is naturally resilient and has good genes so never really worried about injuries etc. I started running after 40 and just to a maximum of 10 kilometers. I love it – and enjoy the new sensation but have found that to start running after 40 takes its toll on parts of your body you didn’t realise you had. I have had joint pain in my hips and feet. I have had a knee injury and ongoing knee pain.

Tamsin as my physio has been a joy to work with in this regard,  she is always practical in her approach and knowledgeable and more over realistic. Despite the exercises given – I don’t do many but the inclusion of a useful ball to roll under my foot, as part of my rehab was both useful and rewarding but also realistic for my lifestyle and personality. I am always relieved post a treatment – of both immediate discomfort but also longer term injury. Post my knee op – an unfortunate outcome, the rehab I received from Tamsin pre and post the op ensured I was able to run again within 3 months of the op pain-free and at my usual ‘Olympic’ pace!

My personality type is frenetic, goal driven and A type. Here Tamsin’s Cranio-sacral therapy is the answer to my bad sleeping habits and stress. It’s a gentle, non-invasive technique that again works wonders on an often battered psyche.

I love my treatments as the healing is holistic without being insincere or lacking in the skill and training that I need to ensure I can keep up my rigorous life style and pace and is cognisance of same.

Thank you Tamsin!

Annari van der Merwe

Tamsin Hodgson is the best physiotherapist imaginable. Not only does she have the ability accurately to diagnose what is amiss with a shoulder or leg, a foot or your back, she also knows how immediately to bring relief through massage and other hands-on treatment, and to prescribe effective exercises as a follow-up. I have been a patient of hers for 10 years now and have referred numerous friends and family members to her and not once have any of them been disappointed with the wonderful treatment they have received at her practice. Because being so thorough and caring, Tamsin has managed to ensure that her colleagues show the same commitment and expertise as she.

Graham Jones

Tamsin Hodgson Physiotherapy has all the tools, not only passionate and knowledgeable physiotherapists, but rehab classes like Gyrokinesis and Pilates. Having a Physiotherapist that knows your injuries in these classes ensures that you don’t do more damage. I find the Gyrokinesis classes are great for strengthening and for preventing reoccurring injuries.

Chris Ahrends

This is a really great physiotherapy practice – caring, professional, talented and really helpful. I have had physio sessions as well as attend the Pilates classes and have found the teamwork, the attention to detail, the vibe really great! Most important, I have benefitted enormously from their professional approach which in my experience, started with really being listened to and understood. The therapy I’ve received feels as though it’s designed for me personally!


During late 2014 I started doing short triathlons, when I developed a hamstring problem which I couldn’t get rid of with “normal” recovery measures. After an internet search I found an article published by Tamsin which made a lot sense to me, so I changed over to her practice for treatment. She managed to sort out my hamstring problem in time for my triathlon without even touching it, which impressed me thoroughly! What followed was an on-going relationship of not only physio treatments by Tamsin’s practice, but also teaching an awareness philosophy of one’s muscle mechanics and how to take care of it with on-going strengthening and flexibility exercises. All of this culminated into me being able to do the South African Ironman in 2016. I can honestly say that if it was not for her practice’s treatment and philosophy towards physiotherapy and professional care, I would not have been able to get to starting line, let alone finish it!

Melanie Truss

Dearest Tamsin,

Thank you for your patience, knowledge and motivation in getting me moving again.

The gyro and pilates is not only good for my mind , it has made me more mindful of the correct posture, resulting in an overall lighter feeling of my spine. 18 months ago I wouldn’t have believed this possible having been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer spreading to the sacrum.

I have and would recommend you to anyone who has back pain as well as healthy individuals who just want to have another source of exercise without the glamour pressure, I love the fact that I don’t have to look ‘gorgeous’ and ‘dress up’ to come to your classes ,which are small enough for you to control and correct our moves. I look forward to many more whoosh, whoosh, whoosh classes with you.

Colleen Kirk-Cohen

I have been attending Tamsin’s Pilates and Gyrokinesis classes for close on 3 years. I arrived with a serious foot injury having been told I would probably never be able to run again. By building up my core muscles and flexibility I am now back to running without any pain. Tamsin is a fantastic teacher. She has a good sense of humour, an amazing knowledge of the human body and manages to give each person in the class individual attention. The combination of Gyro and Pilates keeps me strong and flexible and injury free. The 2 really complement each other.

Ena Jansen

I had two knee replacements done in Stellenbosch: in July 2014 my right knee was replaced and the left knee in July 2015. A friend recommended Tamsin to me and she was absolutely right: one cannot wish for a more encouraging and hands-on physiotherapist! After both operations I started going to Tamsin a week after surgery and worked with her for close on ten weeks in both instances. During these physically and sometimes emotionally difficult post-operative times, it was always the highlight of the week to spend an hour with Tamsin. Her hands-on approach was always totally motivating. Although I was often drained by the effort of exercise and undergoing massage during that hour, I always left inspired and feeling much lighter. Her strong hands and clear indication of the exercises I needed to do during the week, motivated me to do the utmost to improve my strength. Thanks to Tamsin’s professional expertise, her kindness and moral support I now have strong knees and am extremely thankful that Tamsin is my physiotherapist. I trust her with every limb in my body.

Tina Roux

I was referred to Tamsin Hodgson by my daughter at the beginning of the year when I had a problem with my knees.  I had been to another physiotherapist and struggled to get him to give me some exercises in writing and photos so that I could do the exercises correctly, he was talking about me needing surgery if there was no improvement within a week – there was no improvement !   I found Tamsin very good at getting to the core of the problem and giving me exercises to do which definitely helped and I am back to exercising regularly again.  She is all about trying to MAKE her patients help themselves to heal and not to just rely on her to do everything.  She also phoned me once or twice out of the blue to find out how I was getting on which I really appreciated very much.  She cares about patients and does not think of them as a means to get rich.  Thank you Tamsin, I will be referring my friends to you.

Kim Maxwell

I’ve been doing a weekly evening Pilates sessions for about eight years. I continued through late stages of a pregnancy, and rejoined fairly soon after our child was born.

Pilates teaches you how to do exercises slowly and properly – putting an end to school hockey coaches forcing a ton of sit ups. Instead you learn the proper way so you don’t strain your neck.

Our classes are small and personal, the focus on doing what you can within your personal range. So for weak wrists, a bad back or stiff knees, your instructor observes and can modify to your particular quirks.

A desk job means my back and shoulders suffer if I missed that week’s Pilates class. That said, I now have more flexibility, a better posture and muscles I didn’t know I had.