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Pilates In Gardens

What it's all about

Pilates is an exercise method aimed at elongating, strengthening and restoring balance to the body. It incorporates the mind and the body, teaching you to relax using breathing and controlled movement.

A primary focus of Pilates is strengthening your core muscles, which are the deep muscles surrounding your abdomen and spine. By improving your core strength you improve your spinal stability which is a key factor in treating and preventing lower back pain, and many other injuries.


How it can help
  • Improved circulation from the deep breathing exercises
  • Strength and flexibility, especially in the spine and abdomen
  • Improved posture, balance and body awareness
  • Improved co-ordination, both muscular and mental
  • Teaches relaxation and helps relieve stress

How to start

It's for everyone

Pilates can be performed by everyone regardless of age or fitness levels.

You need to contact the office to schedule an individual assessment with the Pilates instructor. You can either continue with individual Pilates sessions or, after you are sufficiently orientated to the Pilates concepts, you can start one of the classes offered.