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What it's all about

Gyrokinesis® is an exercise movement that was developed by a professional dancer, Juliu Hovarth, to help him overcome injuries he had sustained as a dancer.

Gyrokinesis® is a beautiful blend of principles taken from dance, yoga and tai chi. The exercises are designed to work the entire body through fluid, repetitious movements which are closely linked to corresponding breathing patterns. Gyrokinesis® exercises are also easy to perform at home as they only require a chair and a mat.


How it can help
  • Improved circulation from the breathing exercises and opening the energy pathways
  • Strength, flexibility and the feeling of decompression/elongation in the spinal column and joints
  • Improved posture, balance and body awareness
  • Improved co-ordination, both muscular and mental
  • Helps reduce stress and alleviate the build-up of ‘trauma’ by opening the pathways

How to start

It's for everyone

Gyrokinesis® can be performed by everyone regardless of age or fitness levels.

You need to contact the office to schedule an individual assessment with the Gyrokinesis® instructor. You can either continue with individual Gyrokinesis® sessions or after you are sufficiently orientated to the Gyrokinesis® concepts you can start one of classes offered. Group classes are limited to 7 people to ensure quality teaching.